Poolside Helpers

Dear Parents/supporters,

The poolside help rota is now up on the  Cormorants notice board at Westgate and needs filling in – please write yourself on if you can spare an hour or two!

We are still short of help for the majority of sessions. Please do not underestimate the value of helping poolside. Those who have already started to help have enjoyed getting to know the swimmers and feel more involved in the club. Their help has enabled the coaching team time to focus on individuals and groups of swimmers; the more help we have to more this can continue…

Anytime you can spare is greatly appreciated, however a regular slot will help you feel confident more quickly. It is not set in stone and can be as flexible as you need.

The rota will also be on the desk on Friday evenings too, so please come a talk to someone on the desk if you would like to help but are still a bit unsure.

Many thanks,
Cormorant Committee

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Goodwood Competition

Don’t forget to pick up your prizes tonight… Toby Key Jacqui Heyworth and Rebecca Hadnett.

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Poolside Helpers – Urgent

We had some great support from our last appeal for Poolside Helpers but the initial enthusiasm seems to have worn off a little…

It may seem daunting at first but everyone is very friendly and willing to help.

Darren  very kindly agreed to run a training course earlier in the year for new poolside helpers, and if we have enough support we may be able to run another one.

Can you spare an hour a week, or an hour every two weeks, on a regular basis? If you are sat in the cafe for a couple of hours think how much more rewarding it could be if you were poolside helping out!

As you know, CCSC is run entirely by volunteers. This includes the coaching team, who give up their time willingly, and have stayed with us despite frequent offers from other clubs.

For each training session the coaches plan an objective which the swimmers work towards through a series of exercises or “sets” (eg 100m front crawl arms only, 100m front crawl legs only, 100m front crawl full stroke) appropriate for each group swimming.

The lanes are managed by poolside helpers who are given the sets by the coaches, explain them to the swimmers, and help keep the swimmers on track, so leaving the coaches free to give specific advice and support to individual swimmers. The more experienced poolside helpers can manage two lanes, but every session should have at least three helpers.

Over the years our number of poolside helpers has dwindled so that in some sessions now we have none at all, and the coaches spend as much time lane managing as coaching. Obviously, this is frustrating both for the swimmers and the coaches.

So we are still desperately looking for more poolside helpers. If you can commit to helping out at a particular session each week, or if two or three of you can get together and make a shared commitment, we would really like to hear from you.

Please volunteer. If club parents can’t offer more support to the coaches, we could lose them and some sessions may be at risk if we do not have enough poolside helpers to comply with ASA guidelines.

Please speak to Darren or Kerrin or one of the committee at the club desk on a Friday or Kerrie Potts who is organising the rota. Kerrie is poolside on Mondays so try and catch up with her then or reply to this blog and someone will contact you.

The club needs your help.

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Poolside Helpers required – 3rd July

If anyone can help poolside on Friday evening ( 3rd July) it would be very much appreciated as we are a bit short.

Email or reply to post.


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Sussex League Rnd 3

Click here to view the team list for Saturday’s Sussex League Rnd 3

Gala will be held at Arun Leisure Centre – Doors open at 6pm

email ccsc-tmgr@outlook.com if you have any questions.

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Goodwood Competition Winners!


1st Prize a- A family ticket to Goodwood Racecourse was won by Toby Key – congratulations we hope you enjoy your day.

2nd prize – A box of chocolates was won by Jacqui Heyworth

3rd Prize – A bottle of wine was won by Rebecca Hadnett

Thank you to everyone that supported the club by buying a number in the competition. We raised £170 for club funds to help with the costs of the new website.

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NO SWIMMING – Sun 5th July 2015

Please note that there will be no swimming on Sunday the 5th July 2015 due to the Chichester Triathlon.

Good luck to those those taking part in the Aquathon on Saturday and the Triathlon on Sunday.

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Land Training Friday

Great news….Nicola English will return to work with us on Friday (26th June).

Nicola will be working with AG1 & AG2 from 7:30pm onwards, we would like to encourage all members of those squads to arrive promptly at 7:30pm.

Pool session will run as normal, please come prepared for both swimming and land training.

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Sussex County ASA Winter Short Course Meet 25/10/15 and 01/11/15

Sussex ASA have just published the qualifying times for the County Winter Short Course Meet which will be held at Pavilions in the Park, Horsham on Sunday 25th October and Sunday 1st November 2015. Closing date for entries Midday Tuesday 13th October 2015.

This is a Level 2 competition aimed at County level swimmers with events ranging from 50m to 200m.  Ages are as at 31 December 2015.

The club would like as many swimmers as possible to try and achieve qualifying times and take part in this event.

This is a fantastic opportunity for  our swimmers to take part in a county open meet. It will enable some of our more promising swimmers to achieve qualifying times for the County Long Course Championships which will take place in  February 2016 at Crawley and for some even Regional Championship qualifying times. Note that swimmers may age up for these events as the age will be as at 31/12/16 so they may have to achieve times for the next age group.

You can check your ASA rankings and qualification times by going to this link,  http://www.swimmingresults.org/individualrankings entering your ASA number  and select Go Looking, your licensed times will then be able to be viewed.

If you have not already achieved a qualification time at a Licenced Meet since 1st December 2014 then you can still do so at the following Open Meets ( there may be others):

12th September Ken Deeley Open Meet Brighton 50m events only except 100IM Closing Date 30/08/15

27th September Littlehampton Open Meet Arun ( this is generally well supported by the club).

3rd October James Moreno Southampton Closing Date 04/09/15

3rd October Liz Hartley Crawley Closing Date 04/09/15 but entries fill up fast, entries accepted from 01/07/15

Speak to one of the Coaches, Phil Rayner or one of the  other Committee Members on the desk on a Friday who will be able to help .

Click here for the Qualifying times:


Click here for the Programme:


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WIN – Goodwood Competition

There are still some numbers available for this competition which is to raise money for the club’s new website.

£5 each. 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize.

1st Prize is a family ticket to Goodwood Racecourse on the 30th August.

Two spot prizes also to be won.

The winners will be announced on the 26th June.

We will be around tonight, on Wednesday and up to 7.45 on Friday to sell those last few numbers.

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