CCSC Champhionships, gala volunteers always welcome

Hopefully you really enjoyed this years CCSC championships.  A great introduction to racing for some, a great, well run gala for others and certainly something that will be talked about pool side for some months to come!

Ever wondered how an event like this runs and who all the people are who seem to know what to do and where to go?  How can you run 40-something races in just a couple of hours, keep track of all the results and then get it all online so times and results can be checked and mulled over so soon?

Good news, there is no big secret and CCSC would like to thank the ~36 volunteers who helped out over the two evenings, a fantastic commitment, which made the whole event run smoothly.

First off, you need a brave and very organised Gala Sectretary, well done again Helen! Then, you need good referee’s; thanks again to Ray Barber and Mark Webb.  Judges monitor the swimmers once the starter has set them off and a big team of timers, runners, recorders, announcers, refreshments, people on the door, raffle prize draw organisers, pool side helpers, coaches and CCSC committee members, not committed already elsewhere, to keep it all running.  In no particular order by the way, everyone has a part to play.

So, will we see you next year helping out?  There are loads of different tasks we need volunteers to help with so don’t worry if its the first time you have helped out.  We also need helpers when we host galas too.

CCSC can run training courses and will be very happy to provide information and introductions if you’d like to get involved with ASA courses too.  Come and see us on the desk on Friday’s if you’d like to know more.

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