Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club

Your club needs you!!


The club AGM is approaching at the end of the month and we need volunteers for key roles on the committee; Treasurer, Chairperson and Vice-Chair.

This year, the swimming team have gone from strength to strength, performances and results consistently improving.  The club’s training groups are almost full and we have been able to transition all training sessions to one location.  The coaching team are doing a fantastic job of bringing on the skills and performances of the swimmers and new training sessions will be announced shortly.

Now, a great opportunity exists for members to get involved with the development of the club, it’s training and racing and out-of-the-pool activities.   It is your club, have your say and do your bit!

The key roles of Treasurer, Chairperson and Vice-Chair are open.  The club relies on the committee to manage the running of the club and link the members with coaching team, activities and the ASA.  You can join the committee and help steer this club to the next level!

If you have bookkeeping and/or accountancy skills and would like to know more about the role of Treasurer, please ask at the desk, or reply, or send us an email.  The clubs accounts are in an online package and the curent treasurer will help you understand how to use this.

The Chairperson and Vice-Chair are key roles in the committee, helping to drive the meetings and to engage members in new activities, as well as the development of the club in and out of the pool.

The committee meets once a month, positions are annual and appointments will be made at the AGM, according to the club constitution.

PLEASE ask at the desk if you are interested, a member of the committee can give you more details or follow up with you later.