We hope that you all continue to be members of the club but understand that sometimes you have to make the decision to leave.

Please remember that you are required to give at least one full months notice in writing by hand or by email. Please do not just tell the coaching staff.

Your fees are due for  the whole of the  month following the date of your notice.  So if you give notice in September your fees are due for October.

This is a requirement, as you know the subscriptions only just cover the hire fees for the pool and it will take the club at least one to two months to recruit a new swimmer to take your place.

There is a form to complete available from the club desk  or any committee member please  give this by hand or email the Membership Secretary (ccscmembers@gmail.com)  giving at least one full months notice.

Thank You







About ccsclub

We are Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club.
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2 Responses to Cancelling Membership Reminder

  1. Amanda Talbot says:

    Were not cancelling! Hugo will swim on a Friday and Felix Fridays and Sunday x

    Amanda Talbot 07733 000 566

    Sent from my iPhone


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