Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club – Officials Wanted

Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club – Officials Wanted

We are a competitive swimming club and the swimmers love to compete at club galas,  club championships, inter club galas, open meets and county competitions – look at the recent successes….but they may not be able to unless you are prepared to help……………..

Officials can be easily spotted around the pool at all galas, they are the people wearing white, armed with clipboards, stop watches and whistles, ensuring that everything is running within the rules. Have you wondered where they all come from? Well they are all volunteers all swimmers or parents.

Without qualified officials, galas would not run and your swimmer would not be able to compete. The Club are obliged to supply judges and timekeepers at all the galas we attend otherwise the club cannot take part.  Unless the gala is internal and unlicensed all officials now have to be qualified. Just to run a gala you need a minimum of 20 officials. We currently have only one qualified J1 official and rely on help from officials who have no children at the club.

We have 120 junior swimmers that is potentially nearly 150 possible officials- we have 1 qualified official!

We need parents of swimmers to offer their services to be trained as ASA (British Swimming) Officials. You are offering help to assist your swimmer and other swimmers in the club achieve their potential by being able to compete at all levels.

Why Volunteer?

If you have ever commented at a gala on how hot it is or how long it is taking between races or how uncomfortable the seats are, then you need to volunteer, get trained and get poolside, you will enjoy it.

  • You will not get bored and uncomfortable; you will be involved.
  • It will help you and your child gain a greater understanding of the competitive swimming environment.
  • You will save money on spectator fees; officials go free.
  • At County meets you can claim travel expenses.
  • At other galas you often get a bottle of wine! You may get a T shirt and a water bottle.

No previous experience is necessary as all aspects will be taught. Training consists of a small amount of classroom work and the rest is practical, hands on training, usually at the galas you would be attending anyway.

Please speak to Nicola Long (our J1) who will happily share her experiences with you and give you more information. We then need to arrange a Timekeepers Course and J1 Training. Unfortunately now  for Licenced Meets all timekeepers have to be J1 or training to be J1’s.

The club will cover all course fees.




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We are Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club.
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