Dev. 1 and 2 racing

SPLASH INTO 2017 – Sunday 8 January

Several parents have asked me about competitions their swimmer/s could enter to gain race experience. Broadly, any Level 3 open meets should be suitable: this is the lowest rung on the competition ladder, so it’s a great way to get to know the ropes (and get an official time) while swimming against other kids who are also gaining experience.
A good forthcoming level 3 meet is Splash Into 2017. It’s held at Arun Leisure Centre in Bognor Regis, with 50m races for each stroke. There are also 200m freestyle and 200m IM races for those who like/want to try a longer distance. I think this could be a good meet for Dev 1 and Dev 2 swimmers in particular; I suggest entering 50 m for everything, unless there’s a stroke you REALLY don’t like.
Team Manager Phil will post details of how to enter nearer the time, but as January can be a busy time of year it might be worth making a diary note now. If we can get plenty of swimmers entered we’ll have a real presence on poolside and the kids will be able to support each other, which should make it a lot of fun.

About Paul Mason

Back when the Cold War was hot and Gloria Estefan just couldn't stop that salsa beat, Paul was national junior breaststroke champion and record holder. These days, he's a Masters swimmer and coach at Chichester Cormorants. Also author of 'Swim Better, Swim Faster' (Bloomsbury 2014) and 'Swimming for Triathlon and Open Water' (Bloomsbury 2017), plus a bunch of children's books.
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