G & B Team Update

This years winning team will be announced at the Club presentation evening which is being held in early 2017

We have had some new members join the club, their teams are as follows:

Gold Team                                        Blue Team

Miranda Adamson                           Emi Cotterel

Isabel Miller                                      Alyssa Elliot

Ella Jones                                          Gabriel Daderfield

Charlie Bradfield                            Ethan Hill

Lexi Cotterel                                     Alex Sydenham

Coco Hanan                                    Grace Wormersley

Iona Hamiton

Points are awarded for entering open Meets, taking part in team galas and Club Championships.  Not forgetting obtaining PB (Personal Best) times and county qualifying times.

Total so far……

Gold    Team                                        Blue Team

73                                                             78

Its close, points haven’t been awarded yet for the Club Championships.

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One Response to G & B Team Update

  1. ccsclub says:

    Can’t wait to see which team wins!

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