Friday Swim Desk Helpers Required


After the  December trial for the swim desk on Mondays the CCSC Committee have decided to revert to the Swim Desk being on a Friday

There is a great team of volunteers who work in pairs to do the Friday Swim Desk but we could do with a few more names to add to the rota, so that no-one has to do too much.

The aim is to have enough volunteers so that each person only has to do a duty once every six weeks – so very little commitment at all. We need at least four more people to make this happen.

You need absolutely no knowledge to get started. In fact it is an ideal role for someone with a swimmer in the earlier sessions as the desk is only manned from 6.45pm (get there 6.30pm to set up) until 8.15pm. You get to learn about the Club and meet the swimmers and other parents too, so it is a low-commitment way to help out. With so many of us on the list, it is easy and to swap dates and makes for a stress-free solution to doing your bit.
If you can help please email or come along this Friday 6th January  and speak to Sallyanna or Alison.


About ccsclub

We are Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club.
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