Brighton development gala this Saturday

Brighton gala, Saturday 4th February

Really looking forward to this, it was a good event last year! Final details for everyone swimming or bringing swimmers:

Venue: Prince Regent Swimming Complex, Church Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1YA

Timing: doors open at 17.00. Traffic and parking in this area of Brighton can be tricky. Parking is very limited at the pool itself, so the best place is probably the NCP car park on Church Street, which is only a couple of minute’s walk uphill from the pool (postcode: BN1 1US).

Warm-up starts at 17.30

Racing starts at 18.00, and is currently forecast to finish by 20.00

Poolside coaches: Paul Mason, Jane West

Poolside helpers: Neil Bradfield (boys-team wrangler); Alison Carr (girls-team wrangler); Lee Sydenham (timekeeper)

Lockers: Last time I swam at Brighton the lockers took a £1.00 coin.

Team kit: We’d like as many swimmers as possible in Cormorants team kit: a hat for racing in at minimum, and a T-shirt or hoodie if they have one for poolside. I realise that some swimmers are new to the club or competing for the first time: if they don’t yet have Cormorants kit, something approximating club colours is fine.

IF YOUR SWIMMER IS NEW TO COMPETITIONS and a bit nervous, please try not to let them worry! For the younger swimmers this is a development gala: we want them to enjoy the competition and put into practice what they learn at training. There’s no pressure or expectation, except for them to do their best.

When the doors open, there’s typically a bit of a bundle to a) get in and b) get a changing room and locker. Don’t panic: there’s always enough time to get out on poolside before the warm-up, even if you don’t get a changing room right away.

Before the warmup we’ll remind the swimmers (but you can too): they should swim a few steady lengths in the warmup, then practise some fast turns to make sure their feet don’t slip, etc. We’ll be poolside as a team, and there will be a coach at each end of our lane. As well as the coaches and wranglers, the older swimmers will all be happy to help the younger ones if asked.

Last thing: although the gala is fairly short, it’s a good idea for the swimmers to have a small water bottle and a snack with them on poolside.


About Paul Mason

Back when the Cold War was hot and Gloria Estefan just couldn't stop that salsa beat, Paul was national junior breaststroke champion and record holder. These days, he's a Masters swimmer and coach at Chichester Cormorants. Also author of 'Swim Better, Swim Faster' (Bloomsbury 2014) and 'Swimming for Triathlon and Open Water' (Bloomsbury 2017), plus a bunch of children's books.
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