We have previously asked for someone to step up and join the committee as the club’s fundraising office but no one has come forward.

As you are all aware the subscriptions have recently been raised and as you are aware the subscriptions only just cover the basic running costs of the club, the pool hire, the lifeguards, the insurance and obligatory courses for the coaches and poolside helpers.

To keep these subscriptions at the level they are now the club really does need to raise some additional funding.

Therefore the committee are making a plea for someone to step up and and help the committee, if you do not want to be a committee member that is fine, if you only want to commit to help with one or two specific projects that is fine but we have the opportunity to apply for funding from West Sussex County Council, the ASA and other sporting bodies and we need someone to assist with a funding application. The committee has some ideas but we need someone  else to take the lead and share the workload on this project.

This should not take up much time. Please consider this request which will benefit your own children and the club as a whole.

If you can help please speak to Nicola Long or one of the other committee members.

Thank You


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We are Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club.
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3 Responses to HELP PLEASE………..

  1. Matt Clive says:


    After discussion, Gemma and I are happy to do this jointly. Obviously, it will be useful to meet shortly to establish the needs of the club and potential fund raising for the year ahead. We are hoping with my corporate background and Gemma’s experience with with networking and clients locally, we will be able to generate additional funds for the club.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,


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