Brighton gala results


A big whoop to everyone who swam at Brighton last night. It was a great show by the whole team.

The youngest swimmers led the charge in the very first race. Ahead of the start there were some very nervous-looking girls at each end of the pool, but boy were they fierce when they hit the water. None could withstand the mighty force of the young Cormorants, who powered to a famous win – three of them in their first ever inter-club race.

A special mention in dispatches also goes to the 12-13 and 14-16 girls’ teams. Faced with a no-notice absentee from the 14-16 age group, they all put their heads together and came up with a plan to cover the gaps. It meant a lot of swims per head for some of them, quite a few in less-than-favourite strokes, but it was a tremendous team performance in every sense.

Up and down the age groups there were really too many heart-gladdening swims to list. We won quite a few races: the record shows eight wins, eight second places and 11 third. Of course, the record can’t show who stepped up for their first-ever race even though they were tearful with nerves, or who did their least-favourite stroke because it helped the team. It can’t show who got their start and turn spot-on, made a perfect relay takeover, or swam faster than ever to pull their team up one place in a relay. And it can’t show the more experienced swimmers who made sure to give time to their teammates. There were plenty of examples of each of those last night. You know who you are: well done.

(For the actual record, the results are here: bdsc-gala-results)

Lastly, heartfelt thanks to Neil Bradfield and Alison Carr for their work getting the swimmers organised for races; I’ve done that job myself, and it’s not a lot more fun than peeling potatoes. Big thanks also to Lee Sydenham, for being the club’s timekeeper on the night.


About Paul Mason

Back when the Cold War was hot and Gloria Estefan just couldn't stop that salsa beat, Paul was national junior breaststroke champion and record holder. These days, he's a Masters swimmer and coach at Chichester Cormorants. Also author of 'Swim Better, Swim Faster' (Bloomsbury 2014) and 'Swimming for Triathlon and Open Water' (Bloomsbury 2017), plus a bunch of children's books.
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