Friday newsletter, 28 April

A truncated newsletter this week. Next week we’ll be migrating it to Swim Club Manager. This shouldn’t make any practical difference, but it’s easier to be sure everyone has received a copy (there’s no need to register, it will happen automatically).

So, the first item:

If you haven’t had a chance yet, please do log in and double-check we’ve got the correct contact details for you, especially mobile phone and email.

There will be entry forms for these at the Club Desk tonight if you haven’t yet grabbed one, and you can also drop off completed forms and payments.

There won’t be any training this coming Monday because of the bank holiday.

Good luck, everyone who has qualified for Regionals!

We got late notice of this, but there’s a Level 1 coaching course happening at Bognor, starting 15 May. If anyone is interested in taking part, please get in touch with Darren to find out more. The course would be useful for any of the regular lane-end helpers who are 16 or over. (If you’re interested but the May 15 date is too soon, still speak to Darren: there’s at least one more course coming up later in the year.)

A gentle reminder that the club isn’t responsible for swimmers until they’ve joined the coaches on poolside; parents are responsible for their children until then. If you don’t already, please consider making sure your child is poolside before you leave Westgate, if they’re under 18.


About Paul Mason

Back when the Cold War was hot and Gloria Estefan just couldn't stop that salsa beat, Paul was national junior breaststroke champion and record holder. These days, he's a Masters swimmer and coach at Chichester Cormorants. Also author of 'Swim Better, Swim Faster' (Bloomsbury 2014) and 'Swimming for Triathlon and Open Water' (Bloomsbury 2017), plus a bunch of children's books.
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