Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club

Summer Time Trials -closing date for entries is 8.15pm Friday 12th May 2017


20 May 2017 : Cormorants Summer Time Trials Championships, Churchers College
Doors open at 18.00, warm-up starts at 18.15. This is one of the two club championships each year. There are going to be 50 metre sprints for every stroke, plus skins events for the top six under-14s and top six open swimmers.

As a reminder there will be no swimming on Friday 19th May so there is no excuse not to do the time trials. There will also be a raffle and points will be awarded to the Blue and Yellow teams for the David Rosen Trophy ( more news to come on that soon).

If you’ve been before, you’ll know that this is a lot of fun, as well as an ideal environment for new or nervous swimmers to dip a toe in the water of competition. As a competitive club, we ask every swimmer to be at this meet unless it’s really impossible to get there. Masters, you are also invited to take part.

There will be  some more entry forms at the swim desk on Friday ( last chance to enter)  or you can print off the attached form and  bring your completed form plus payment of £10 to the swim desk on Friday or bring your completed form and pay by BACS.

Summer Sprint Entry Form 2017