Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club

Monday’s Time Trials


Well done to all those swimmers who moved up to AGR1 and competed in the 200m time trials.  There were some brilliant swims with over half the swimmers who took part went under 3.00.00.

A big well done to the swimmers who improved their times, but I have to mention a few individually.

Nathan Potts and James Dunsford for going under 3.00.00 for the first time.

Isabella Rose and Rosie Freeman were so unlucky not to go under 3.00.00 (just look how close they were) Next time!

Everyone who went under 3.00.00 in AGR2 will get points for their teams.

Everyone who went under 3.15.00 in AGR1 will get points for their teams.

200M FC AGR1&2