Club Kit

if you want to order club kit from Swimzi when the shop opens I am at Westgate this evening until about 7.20 with sample sizes for you to try on .


About ccsclub

We are Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club.
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2 Responses to Club Kit

  1. Samantha Wills says:

    I know you emailed info about Dev 1 needing flippers from start of September – I can’t find original email and was hoping you could let me know which ones are best to buy please?
    Many thanks
    Sam Mainwaring

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    • ccsclub says:

      It is really a matter of personal choice. Most seem to use the Maru Traiing Fins. Ask one of the coaches on Monday if still not sure.

      Remember that if you buy your club kit items from Pro Swimwear you can click through the link on our website and the Club receive a cashback amount which will boost the funds available to the club.

      They have all the kit required , Kick Boards, Pull Buoys, Fins, Snorkels and Nose Clips as well as mesh bags to keep it all in.

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