Swimmers Welfare PSCO VISIT 24th November 2017

Over the last few months there have been a number of incidents in the changing rooms.  We want all the members of our club to feel safe and to enjoy their swimming.  As a result we have arranged for PCSO Matt Isles from the Sussex Police crime prevention team to come and speak to our members next Friday the 24th of November at 7.45.  The intention is that Matt can give the children advice and enable them to take control of their own safety as far as they can by immediately reporting anything that they are uncomfortable with.  He will also be making our club members with camera phones aware of the serious trouble that they could cause themselves by using their own phones in the changing area.  Usually the members in Dev 1 would leave at 7.45 but it would be helpful if they could wait and listen to PCSO Matt if possible.  We don’t wish to cause alarm but merely to inform.
As a club we are aware of the potential problems associated with children arriving, changing and moving to the poolside area.  The changing rooms are open to the public and due to their design it is not obvious to see how we can improve the environment for our members.
The following are guidelines which should help to safeguard all members of the club.
The coaches assume responsibility for children once they arrive at the poolside.  As previously stated the changing rooms are open to the public and cannot be policed by the club or Westgate centre staff.  As such children remain the responsibility of their parents until they are poolside.

We would suggest that, if appropriate, parents wait in the Westgate centre cafe area until they see their child arrive on the poolside.

All primary school aged children should have a responsible adult at the Westgate centre for the duration of their session.  This can be rotated between a group of parents as long as the child knows who is there that is responsible for them should any problems arise.  There simply aren’t enough coaches to spare two of them to chaperone a child to the toilet for example.

Following these guidelines, together with the information that Matt will share, should help to safeguard the children in the club.
All the welfare policies are on Swim Club Manager and can be found by clicking Club, Documents then Safeguarding and Child Welfare.
If anyone has any other suggestions or queries please feel free to contact the welfare officer Lisa (welfare.ccsc@gmail.com)

About ccsclub

We are Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club.
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